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Spa & Wellness

                     Relaxation and well-being at our resort in Majorca                                        Due to force majeure temporarily closed in 2021 (Sauna is available)


In the Wellness & Spa area of our hotel in Majorca you will find the appropriate facilities to escape from stress and daily routine; a true haven of peace where you can find the desired tranquility during your holidays on the island.
The entire space is surrounded by large windows from which natural light enters, with beautiful views to the outside, which contributes to making your moment of comfort even more special. We seek that through the elements that we have at our disposal, you can enjoy an unforgettable experience. Close your eyes and allow yourself to be enveloped in a warm atmosphere of silence, peace and calm. Let yourself go and abandon all signs of accumulated tension ... Our spa has a wide selection of exclusive treatments and wellness programs adapted to your needs, which will transport you to a state of absolute harmony between body and mind. Do not hesitate and come and meet us ... We are waiting for you!

  • Opening hours:
    Due to forece majeure temporarily closed in 2021. Saua is available. Book your appointment at the hotel reception.

  • Treatments hours:
    10:00 - 18:00h (every day)

  • Use of the spa from 16 years old (children under 16 can not enter).

  • Appointments:
    through "Contact" (credit card as guarantee required) - Ext. 3000

  • To use the sauna and spa, a swimsuit is required. Failure to comply with the rule means that entry to the spa is prohibited.

  • Use of the spa area for pregnant women is only allowed with a medical certificate.


Spa & Wellness facilities


Put your concerns aside and feel the greatest well-being through the beneficial properties of water and its vapors. In our hotel with spa in Majorca we have:

  • Jacuzzi

  • Sauna

  • Turkish steambath

  • Vapour bath

  • Heated pool

  • Water source




Below you can find the various treatments in our spa, always performed by qualified professionals with extensive experience. Relax and let yourself be carried away into a new world of sensations ...

tratamiento aparatos wellness & spa playa esperanza resort

Beach towel & bathrobes rental - Spa area

Bathrobe - € 30 deposit for each bathrobe and only in cash (you can not pay with card)
Beach towels - € 15 deposit for each towel and only in cash (you can not pay with card)

realajacion muscular wellness & spa playa esperanza resort

Muscle relaxation

Legs - 25 min. 35€
Classic - 50 min. 55€
Sport - 40 min. 50€ / 50 min. 60€
Back - 20 min. 30€ / 30 min. 40€

pacific spirit wellness & spa playa esperanza resort

Pacific spirit - with coconut oil

"Lomi" hawaii massage- 60 min. 70€ / 90 min. 100€
"Lomi" hot stone massage- 75 min. 85€
"Lava Shell" shell massage- 75 min. 90€
hot stone massage- 75 min. 85€
Lodestone back massage- 25 min. 35€

masaje relajante wellness & spa playa esperanza resort

Relaxing massages

Back massage with chocolate oil- 25 min. 35€
Ayurvedic face massage- 30 min. 35€
Reflexology foot massage- 30 min. 35€
Scented candle oil massage- 50 min. 60€
Massage for pregnant women- 50 min. 55€
Massage for couples - 50 min. 55€ por persona
Children's hot stone massage- 25 min. 35€

tratamiento corporal wellness & spa playa esperanza resort


Base bath with salt- 20 min. 20€
Aloe vera and avocado mask - 40 min. 45€
Chocolatepeeling - 25min. 30€
Seasaltpeeling - 25min. 30€

pacific spirit facial wellness & spa playa esperanza resort

Pacific Spirit facial with scrub, mask, eyebrow hair removal and face massage

Women - 60 min. 65€ / 75 min. 80€
Men - 50min. 55€
Teenager - 40 min. 40€

tratamientos de belleza wellness & spa playa esperanza resort


Eyelash tint - 12€
Eyebrow tint- 12€
Manicure - 35€
Cosmetical pedicure - 35€

hawaian dream wellness & spa playa esperanza resort

Hawaiian dream - 140 min.

Sea salt peeling, oil bath, "lomi" massage, face massage with peeling and mask - 140 min. 135€

masaje de pareja wellness & spa playa esperanza resort

Massage for couples - 100 min

Mask, base bath with salt, individual massage - 100 min. 190€ (for 2 person).

chill out exfoliante wellness & spa playa esperanza resort

Chill - Out 120 min.

Chocolate peeling, salt bath, hot stone massage- 120 min. 115€

tratamiento aparatos wellness & spa playa esperanza resort

Apparatus treatments

Pressure therapy - 30 min. 20€
Medical hydrojet massage- 30 min. 20€